The structure of questions in Bokyi Language


  • Maria I. Obadan Delta State University, Abraka
  • Reverend Kierien Ekpang Theological College of Northern Nigeria, Jos
  • Bosco Okolo-obi University of Port Harcourt


Bokyi language, tag question, polar declarative sentences


This paper describes the different question types in Bokyi language spoken in Cross Rivers state Nigeria. To this end, four question types were examined namely; tag question, echo polar question, non-echo polar question and wh-question. Data for this study were gathered primarily through oral interview conducted by the researcher. The method adopted in this research is purely, findings show that tag questions are derived from their declarative counterparts by adding a tag structure to the declarative component; echo polar questions are derived by a rising intonation; non-echo polar questions are derived by inserting the question marker di at the right-most part of the sentence; wh question are either base generated at the rightmost part of a sentence or preposed into spec-c position outside the sentence.

Author Biographies

Maria I. Obadan, Delta State University, Abraka



Reverend Kierien Ekpang, Theological College of Northern Nigeria, Jos



Bosco Okolo-obi, University of Port Harcourt




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