Expressive and Stylistic Exploration of New Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions in Selected Yorùbá Films

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Dayo Akanmu
Olanike Adekoya


New idioms and idiomatic expressions which are contemporaneous phenomenon, influenced structurally and lexically stock expressions have constituted communicative clogs in Yorùbá routine discourses based on their semantic complexity and deviant nature. Previous studies on them were on the Yorùbá music and Yorùbá programmes on radio but have hardly carried out any significant research in other areas of endeavour, specifically Yorùbá films productions. This paper investigated the issues expressed with these idioms and techniques for using them in selected Yorùbá films. This is with a view to establishing their expressive and stylistic effects. The paper adopted theory of Standard Language propounded by Jan Mukarovsky because of its ability to explain the distinction between language of everyday usage and language of literature. Three Yorùbá films were purposively selected, viewed and extracted based on their sufficient usage of new idioms – The films are ‘Ọmọ Oníle ’ ̣̀ produced and directed by Abíọ̣̀́dún Ọláńrewájú, ‘Àdìgún Ọ̀gá Ògá’ produced and directed by Bọ̣̀́lájí Amúsan and 'Jenífà' by Balógun Ọlátúnjí. In all the films, four issues were expressed: abuse, sex, entertainment and fraud. Linguistic techniques involved in their formation were derived from phonaesthetic coinages, dialect expressions and compounding. These idioms reflect dynamism and modernity-constrained stylistics choices in Yorùbá discourses. 

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Akanmu, D. ., & Adekoya, O. . (2018). Expressive and Stylistic Exploration of New Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions in Selected Yorùbá Films. Journal of The Linguistic Association of Nigeria, 21(1), 116–128. Retrieved from
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Dayo Akanmu, School of Languages,

Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Oto/Ijanikin, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Olanike Adekoya, School of Languages

Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Oto/Ijanikin, Lagos State, Nigeria.


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