Linguistic Connotation and Structure of Hausa Personal Names


  • Nazir Ibrahim Abbas Department of Nigerian Languages


Hausa personal names, socio-semantic connotations, linguistic structure


Several researches have been conducted in the area of Hausa personal naming system. However, very few were based on the linguistic aspects of these names. Some of the researches carried out on linguistics aspects of Hausa personal names include Labaran (1990), Buba (2008), Abbas (2012), Abbas (2013) and Chamo (2013). Most of the personal traditional names in Hausa are labels which connote people as well carry different messages about the bearers. These messages are beyond the surface meaning of the word as a name. This paper therefore looks at the socio-semantic connotations as well as linguistic structure of some Hausa personal traditional names within the premise of use theory of meaning. With this therefore, the paper is set to fill the linguistic gap in the studies of Hausa names, hence the previous researches concentrated on the cultural aspect of the phenomenon.

Author Biography

Nazir Ibrahim Abbas, Department of Nigerian Languages

Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto



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